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About Nease's Needlework

Of course the web store is open all the time. We get an email every time an order comes in, so we will try to fill the order the next day.

If we find that we've sold an item that you wanted and need to reorder it, then we'll send the backorder to you with no charge (our goof!) and ask that you return the wrong item within a week. Once we have received the incorrect item, we will refund you your funds, either by check or by Paypal.

We closed our brick-and-mortar store in downtown Decatur at the end of August (August 23, to be exact). For all of you cross stitch and needlepoint customers, though, we are still planning to sell to you just like we've always done. You can see the progress of new items arriving on our site as if by magic and shop till your fingers drop for what you want or need.

After several years of working in the real world and working on the website, Susan is still finding things that she is in the process of uploading onto the website. If you're not sure whether we have something you're used to seeing, send her an e-mail, or a phone call, or type the name or description of the item in the "Search" box. If you really need an item that Susan has that is not on the website, you can call her and she can write an invoice in the old fashioned way. But she knows more about that than I do!

Nease's Needlework was officially started on May Day 1999 by Susan Nease, but the history goes back a lot longer than that. 345 West Ponce de Leon Ave has been a needlework shop since the early 1970's when Georgia Dennis opened Dennis Art Needlework. It was back when Susan Nease was thirteen that she began her lessons... Little did she know that by high school she would work for Mrs. Dennis on Saturdays and after school. Susan is an Alumna of Decatur High School and except for her college education at Earlham College in Indiana she has been here in the Atlanta area for her whole life. I was lucky enough to have married her in 1992 whereupon we lived in Midtown near Piedmont Park and she decided that she would work for Mrs. Dennis again, retracing her roots from whence she came. Not too long after, Mrs. Dennis was intimating that she wanted to retire and sell the business and that she needed someone she could trust to extend the legacy. Susan began in earnest to learn the business. She was already an accomplished cross stitcher and needlepointer, and had experience with just about everything else, knitting, tatting, crochet and such. But Mrs. Dennis had other plans... Susan would learn to do finishing work, pillows, framing, Christmas stockings, bell pulls, bricks, and a myriad of little boxes and just about anything else that could be blocked, cleaned, matted, sewn or stuffed.

Susan spent several years under Georgia's tutelage, when Georgia said it was "time". Georgia and her husband Jerry were to move to Florida to retire, and the moment of truth had come. Time for Susan and me to dig into our life savings and spring for a business of our own... Susan's really. So, she met a woman to make a logo and used it to make a sign and on that spring day she quit her day job and became her own boss, employee #1 for Nease's Needlework.

The new hours she had set for the store would have to be worked alone, and it was clear from the beginning, that would have to change. Nothing is worse for a customer than getting lost in a chain store with no one in sight to help you... except perhaps the same situation in a small home-town store. She would have none of that. Being the kind of place that attracts creative people, she made all sorts of new friends that were willing to help out, so she hired some of them.

Clare was one of the first, but her young age didn't fool anyone. She, like her boss before her, attended Decatur High. She is a calm empath who was always busy. She has quite an eye for color and texture and proved time after time that she knows what she is doing. Her eagerness to help people that want it is only matched by by the numerous people willing to listen to her. Alas, Clare graduated from Decatur High and a few years ago from Agnes Scott College. She doesn't work at Nease's anymore, but we see her and her mom Claudia now and then nonetheless!

As all teenage apprentices had to do, Clare was charged with filling her soon-to-be absent place with another teenager. She brought in Alisa Sanford, who worked for three years while attending Decatur High School, and developed her organizational skills. She is a very dedicated worker who attends Georgia State University and still drops by occasionally to spend some time. Allie worked very hard running the Sunday hours during the Christmas and winter season, 2007-2008, and is now working towards purchasing (from the previous owner) a partnership in a local bead shoppe.� Go Allie!�

Other names and faces you might have seen over the years have belonged to Diane, who brought a lot of retail experience to the shop, and Vicki, who was the teenage apprentice that Allie brought over from Decatur. Margaret was a top-notch knitter and needlepointer. Gwen was a delight to have as a worker - she loves to knit and just brought that enthusiasm with her every time she came into the shop. She especially loved that wonderful Icelandic wool, Lopi, and turned a lot of Atlanta knitters onto its versatility and warmth. And we had Jenny for a while, and Laura, and Michele for a bit who loves spinning and dyeing, and even Jane when she needed a job to fill her days.

Before we closed up the brick and mortar, we had a great staff who made Susan's life a ton easier: Brooke, who taught seminars, and Peyton, who also taught seminars, and Stacy who knits up a storm, and Carrie who can sell practically anything. Peyton often brought her daughter, and even Carrie's sons show up sometimes to liven up the atmosphere. Kelly helped out a lot in the Christmas season, Allie ran the place on Sundays, and even Sharon spent several Saturdays a month at the shop, when she's not recapturing fruitflies or performing with her band. And if you remember seeing a slightly confused fellow behind the cash register on a busy Saturday, or cutting mats in the back, that was Webmaster Bill. Give him a hand for all the behind-the-scenes work he's done to make this website the success that it is!

So now, Nease's Needlework has gone exclusively on-line with its cross stitch and needlepoint supplies. We certainly will miss seeing you on a day-to-day basis, and we are hoping that with the versatility of this amazing medium we can keep the beauty of the needle arts alive. Keep in touch via e-mail and phone, and we'll do everything we can to make your project dreams a reality. Susan loves doing this stuff herself and has almost 10 years of experience helping select just the right color and technique, and I have been in awe at her abilities for a bit longer.

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