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You may have noticed that the selection of needlepoint canvases has grown exponentially. And you would be right!

I have spent the past few months photographing needlepoint canvases and uploading them to my website. A key stumbling point had been how to showcase the lovely colors that are a part of their art, and it finally occurred to me that we as stitchers all know the color of DMC white. So I included a ball of this thread in the top left-hand corner of each photograph.

Hand-painted canvases don't really need to have their colors exactly perfect: you, the stitcher, will choose to use a darker shade of orange, or perhaps cover over that orange section all together with purple, or shade it differently, or . . . you get the picture! The pre-worked canvases are a little more difficult to match exactly; again, the white DMC will help you get a better idea of what a color looks like on the stitched portion. I can't vouch for whether it will match your couch exactly, but you can always take that section out and restitch it with a more exact match. (You can, you know.)

In addition, each monitor is different and so what may show as bright turquoise on my monitor may look more like a bright blue on yours. Again, the white DMC shows the way.

And you may notice that the photographing itself is not as shiny glossy as you may see on some designer sites. The reason is simple: some of the designers, such as the pre-worked canvas importers for Madeira and Poman, passed away before the internet became such a "thing" in the world of sales. Another designer, Evelyn Bernstein (EBS) had some of the most unique and intricate designs I had ever seen, but again, chose neither the vagaries of the internet nor those of the trade show floor. And you may recognize some popular designer names, such as Alice Peterson or Lee Designs. Let's just say . . . during the time between when I closed my shop and when I came up with the white DMC solution, some designs were no longer listed on these sites. Which of course means that now you can finally buy that canvas you saw a while ago but haven't seen since!

My hope for you, the needlepointer, is that with the work of the World Wide Web, these needlepoint canvases, pre-worked and hand-painted, will reach a World Wide Audience, and they will go to happy new homes. You and your needle and your creativity are going to have such fun with these designs!
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