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Nease's Needlework Links

While we are now an on-line store only, we've included some links. Clicking these will take you away from our site. Don't worry about your basket, it will likely still be here when you come back, especially if you are logged in.

Anyway, what we have here, are links to sites that have been gracious enough to have links to us on their sites over the years, and with whom we've becomes friends. We try to keep these updated, but sometimes we miss, so I you have better information, let us know!

  • Teresa Wentzler, TW Designworks. This is the official site! In her own words, "My designs are inspired by things mythical, mystical, and magical, and I hope you will enjoy stitching them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!". In our words, "there should be a fan club." How does she rate at the top of the list? Beats me! All I know is that when I asked Susan what she wanted to sell, she said "Teresa Wentzlers stuff of course. We'll start out with ten things, I'm scared that we we will be inundated with orders, so lets keep the number down." So she brought home a bunch of designs, and I started designing the website around them. Teresa has got a lot, and really good descriptions too. Of course, if you see something on her site and you don't see it on ours, that doesn't mean we don't sell it, so call!

  • Kreinik Mfg. Co., Inc.All sorts of metallic, silk and real metal threads, embellishments and charms, tools and gadgets, canvasses, scissors, laying tools. Also, check out the handy thread color chart.

  • Tink Boord-Dill. Elegant and Contemporary Needlework for the Discerning Stitcher. So it says on the web page. But this site if full of samplers, painted canvases, and unusual little pendants. She has a page of personal notes, that I found fascinating, and some free charts. (and for me, some good web design tips!).

  • The Gentle Art Sampler Threads.� Due to limited demand, we no longer sell this line of overdyed threads.��
  • Serendipity Designs. Serendipity Designs has quite a collection of beautiful and colorful designs, Marbek Angels, The Nativity, Christmas designs, my oh my, you just have to visit this site to see how extensive it is.

  • Sudberry House. They say, "Since 1967, Sudberry House has served the Needlework and Craft fields with the finest Wood Accessories for mounting Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, and Craft projects. Our many products include Trays, Boxes, Mirrors, and Clocks. Our products are completely finished and ready to accept your treasured design that you have stitched.", and we will even do that for you!

  • The Sweetheart Tree. � The Sweetheart Tree� was founded in 1984 by designer Sandra Cox Vanosdall and has produced thousands of designs for cross stitch lovers. Now, well known & respected in the industry, the company provides a complete selection of high quality cross stitch designs to stitchery enthusiasts all across the United States and abroad.

And here are some links to people that have helped us out on the way aside from the ones above...

  • BirdHousing.com. Peggi Carmen makes these really neat bird houses in her basement. She and Lew have a fully outfitted woodworking shop to do it. If you have ever been in our store, you may have noticed the boxes of DMC floss. Well, we ran out of boxes, so we made eleven of them down in their wood shop. We had a blast. (we were going to make twelve, but we miscounted)
  • Router Bits on the Web. Lew Smith, Peggi's husband, sells these top, and I mean TOP quality router and drill bits. I wish we had basement... They do, and it is chock full of these things.
  • Draknet. These are the people that host the Nease's Needlework website. I love these guys. They almost make Texas worth it . Seriously. They are a bunch of liberals that don't skimp on liberal quantities of great customer service. If you want to make a real website, it can't be easier than with them.

  • Mad Science Factory. This is a CD that brings the Tom Lehrer tunes and Schoolhouse Rocks into the science classroom. It explains things like cells, electricity, and *gulp* evolution with music, and makes it all very, very understandable. I wish I had had this when I went through science class! Larry Morris, the whistler and piper of Emerald Rose, has published this CD for use in high school classes, so teachers, be aware! Your students might sing a rousing chorus of Atom Shack in the halls!

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