Best answer: What is MJS yarn?

In MJS yarn, the parallel fi- bres in the core arc bound by a small percentage of surface fibres wrapped in Z-direction. During ply twisting in S-direction, the two strands of single yarn rotate on their own axes, causing the core fibres to twist and the surface fibres to unwrap or untwist.

What is MJS polyester?

MJS Spun, also known as poly spun, is made from 100% polyester yarns, but you wouldn’t know it from touching or looking at it. This polyester spun fabric is made to resemble and feel like cotton. It is 7.2oz with a soil release finish making it perfect for hospitality, special events, tablecloths and apparel.

What is MVS yarn?

MVS yarn provides better moisture-absorbent aspect and faster drying rate than ring spun yarns. A dry touch of the yarn is ideal for sports and active wears as well. We produce a various kinds of MVS yarns such. as combed cotton yarn, carded cotton yarn, blended yarn, neppy yarn, and synthetic yarn.

What is the meaning of spinning vortex?

“VORTEX® spinning” is a technology which uses an air vortex to spin out the yarn. Fibers formed by these air flows possess a unique structure, and this provides the yarn with a wide range of functionalities.

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What is air spun yarn?

The air-jet-spun yarn structure. consists of core fibers without significant twist and covering fibers with a genuine twist, which. ultimately produces the corresponding yarn tenacity. The specific yarn structure results in yarn. tenacity between that of a ring-spun yarn and that of a rotor-spun yarn.

What is compact yarn?

Compact yarns have no long hairs, which allows easier sizing of the yarn (the amount of sizing agent needed can be reduced by up to 50%) and provides an effective shedding process. From: Advances in Yarn Spinning Technology, 2010.

What is MVS spinning?

MVS spinning system uses only one air jet instead of two as in the air-jet spinning system. This directly affects the number of wrapping fibers between the vortex spinning system and air-jet spinning system. The fiber separation occurs everywhere in the outer periphery of the fiber bundle.

What is Vortex in simple words?

1 : something that resembles a whirlpool the hellish vortex of battle — Time. 2a : a mass of fluid (such as a liquid) with a whirling or circular motion that tends to form a cavity or vacuum in the center of the circle and to draw toward this cavity or vacuum bodies subject to its action especially : whirlpool, eddy.

What does a vortex do?

What is a vortex? Sedona vortexes (the proper grammatical form ‘vortices’ is rarely used) are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy.

What does Vorte mean?


Acronym Definition
VORTE Vocabularies, Ontologies and Rules for the Enterprise
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Why rotor yarn is coarser than ring yarn?

The yarn is weaker than ring yarn because of its three-part structure, poor fiber extent, and less intensive fiber migration. The yarn is, however, more uniform as compared to the ring yarn because of the short-term mass leveling action that occurs inside the rotor.

What are the advantages of air-jet method?

The main advantages of air-jet spinning can be found in two main directions: efficiency and flexibility. The efficiency of the method is attributed to the high production speed of the spinning machines: up to 500 m/min for MVS.

How does a spinning jet work?

Air-jet spinning is a pneumatic method which consists of passing a drafted strand of fibers through one or two fluid nozzles located between the front roller of a drafting system and a take up a device. … The drafting system S drafts the input material into a ribbon-like form with parallel fibers.