Frequent question: What are yarn locs?

Yarn braids are a type of protective style that uses yarn instead of braiding hair. Yarn braids offer many of the same benefits as other protective styles — they help protect your hair from the elements, allow you to grow your hair longer, and give you the freedom to experiment with a wide variety of styles.

Do yarn braids damage your hair?

Does yarn damage your hair? No, yarn doesn’t damage your hair if you keep vigilant about the build-up that will occur at the base of some braids or twists. I have had some breakage due to poor detangling sessions after removing the yarn.

Can you loc your hair with yarn?

When choosing yarn for your dreads extensions, opt for acrylic yarn, not wool, as it will have a drying effect on natural hair. Medium-to-long dreads of one length is a great choice, but you can certainly play with layered colorful dreads or short locs.

What are yarn wraps?

Yarn wraps, genie locks, faux locs are extension hairstyles worn to simulate the look of dreadlocks. Some people may consider these hairstyle options as cop outs since people with actual dreads/locs invest much time, patience, and dedication to achieve their long, and most times, permanent locks.

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How long do yarn dreads last?

Yarn braids can be kept in the hair for 5 to 8 weeks. If your hair and scalp starts to feel dirty, you can wash your hair to remove build-up.

How long do yarn locs take?

Most women keep their yarn braids in for up to 5 weeks. However, some reported experiencing itches after only two weeks.

How many packs of yarn do I need for yarn braids?

As a rule, we recommend having two bundles of yarn to braid your hair.

Can braids hair turn into dreads?

You can start dreadlocks with braids but they will generally look pretty crappy (lots of loose hair and fuzz) and it takes a really long time for them to start looking like dreads at all. … A rubber band at the end will keep the braid intact until you’re ready to remove it and backcomb the hair into a dread.

Do wool dreads damage your hair?

No, Wool dreadlocks will not damage your hair, if installed correctly. … The only time where you should think about damage at all is when you go to remove the dreads, after weeks or possibly months of having them installed. You will see some hair loss.

How do you make yarn hair?


  1. 1Prepare the yarn. Prepare the colors of yarn you’d like to use to make the hair.
  2. 2Wound the yarn around a board. …
  3. To create long yarn hair, I used an 18″ long cutting mat to wound the yarn around. …
  4. 3Remove the yarn from the board. …
  5. 4Tie around the middle. …
  6. 5Cut at the ends. …
  7. 7Use for crafts.
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