How do you hand stitch felled seams?

How do you hand stitch a flat felled seam?

Flat Felled Seam Finish

  1. Either join your seam with one layer of the fabric having half the seam allowance of the other, or trim one layer of the seam allowance to half length.
  2. Fold the longer seam allowance over the shorter and hide the edge under the fold.

What are hand felled seams?

Felled seam, or flat-fell seam, is a seam made by placing one edge inside a folded edge of fabric, then stitching the fold down. The fold encases the raw edges protects them from fraying. The fold may be secured with a topstitch or a whipstitch. It is useful for keeping seam allowances flat and covering raw edges.

How do you finish a hand sewn seam?

If you’re sewing by hand, simply make a loop into the last stitch you made and draw the needle through it. When you pull tightly, you’ll make a knot that secures the stitch. Ending a stitch on a machine is even easier; just make a few backstitches and then cut the thread!

How do you finish inside seams?

The easiest way to finish the seam is to sew a parallel line to keep the raw edge from unraveling. Simply sew your seam using the seam allowance given in your pattern. Then sew a straight stitch 1/8″ from the raw edge. Keep your stitches short to help minimize fraying.

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How do you finish seams historically?

Seam Finishes for 19th Century Garments

  1. Hand Whipstitch. “THE” most used seam finish used in the Victorian Era. …
  2. Bias Bound. …
  3. Leave Raw. …
  4. Pinking. …
  5. Flat Felled. …
  6. French Seam. …
  7. Fold Under and Stitch (aka Hem) …
  8. Serger/Overlock or Zig-Zag.


What are the types of seams?

7 Different Types of Seams

  • Plain seam. A plain seam is the simplest type of seam and can be used on almost any item. …
  • Double-stitched seam. This type of seam is just like a plain seam except there are two lines of stitching attaching the fabric for extra strength.
  • French seam. …
  • Bound seam. …
  • Flat-felled seam. …
  • Welt seam. …
  • Lapped seam.


What is the difference between a French seam and a flat felled seam?

A flat felled seam shows stitching on the right side (think of the seams on the side of a pair of jeans), while a french seam does not (it is found in many high end sheer garments). … Sew the two pieces of fabric, right sides together, with a 5/8″ seam.

What is a welt seam used for?

An Open Welt Seam is a decorative seam used to add interest to a plain fabric. It can be used to accent various seams or style lines.

How do you bias bind seams?

Press your seam open and line up your bias tape with the seam on the side that will be visible when the garment is finished, right sides together. Pin into place. Sew the bias to your seam using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Fold the bias over and press flat.

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