How many stitches does a child need for a sock?

The number of stitches you cast on will depend on the size you want your baby socks to be. The number of stitches and their sizes include: 44 stitches for socks that will fit a baby up to 3 months old. 48 stitches for socks that will fit a baby up to 18 months old.

How do you calculate stitches for a sock?

Sock Math for knitters:

  1. Measure around ball of your foot (at widest part near toes) with foot resting on it’s weight.
  2. Multiply the measurement you took in Step 1 by your stitch gauge (# of stitches in 1″). …
  3. Multiply this number by . …
  4. Round the result from Step 3 to the nearest even whole number.

How many stitches do I cast on for a sock?

To be able to determine how many stitches you need to cast on for your sock you need to first know your gauge and the desired circumference of your sock.

The formula for getting the correct stitch count.

Yarn weight Stitches for womens sock Stitches for mens socks
Fingering 56-68 68-78
DK 52-60 58-66
Worsted 44-52 48-58

How do you knit a 3 year old sock?

Cuff and Leg

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Cast on 40 (44) stitches. Divide sts evenly onto three needles and join for working in the round, placing marker for beginning of round. Work in 2×2 Rib for 1 inch. Continue in Stockinette stitch (knit every stitch in every round) until piece measures 2 1/2 (3) inches.

How long should knitted socks be?

For the best fit, a sock for an adult should measure about 10 percent—practically speaking, that corresponds to about 1” (2.5 cm)—smaller than the actual leg or foot circumference, and about 1/2” (1.3 cm) shorter than the actual foot length.

Can you knit socks on 2 straight needles?

These easy to knit socks are knitted flat on two needles. Seam with a contrasting yarn for a bit of added fun or matching yarn to hide the seam. A variety of patterns are available for women, men, and children.

What is sock size to shoe size?

Sock Size vs. Shoe Size. There are two main sock sizes. Sock size 9–11 fits about a women’s shoe size 5–10 and sock size 11–13 fits approximately men’s shoe size 8–13.

What size knitting needles do I need for socks?

Most socks are knit using a size 1 or 2 needle, but you can also find sock patterns that are designed for heavier non-sock yarns. In addition to socks, you can knit up beautiful shawls using sock-weight yarn and these small needles.

How do you knit a small sock?


  1. Cast on and Join in Round. To begin, cast on 20 stitches onto one needle. …
  2. Knit the Ribbing. Work in knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for 4 rounds. …
  3. Knit the Leg. Knit every round for one inch. …
  4. Knit the Heel Flap. …
  5. Turn the Heel. …
  6. Pick Up Stitches and Divide Them Again. …
  7. Work the Gusset. …
  8. Knit the Foot.
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How do you knit a toddler sock?

Toddler Socks Knitting Pattern

  1. Cuff: Cast on 40 sts and divide them evenly over 3 needles. Work in K2, P2 ribbing for inches.
  2. Heel flap: Work heel flap on 20 stitches in rows back and forth. All the stitches should be on on the same needle. …
  3. Turning the heel: Row 1: Slip 1, knit 10, slip, slip, knit, knit 1, turn. …
  4. Gusset:


How do you make kids socks?

DIY Non-Slip Socks

  1. Before the party, cut out several feet patterns from cardstock (or let your Silhouette cutting machine do all the work).
  2. When guests arrive, give them two feet patterns and have them choose two socks. Write their name on the feet patterns and slide them inside the socks.