What is Swiss darning in knitting?

How do you do Swiss darning?

Swiss Darning explained in 3 simple steps…

  1. Thread a blunt darning needle with a length of yarn in your chosen colour. …
  2. Take the needle behind the two loops of the stitch above from right to left (above) and draw yarn through. …
  3. Draw the yarn through to the tension of the main knitting.


What is Swiss darning stitch?

Swiss darning is a way of embroidering a stitch that looks like a knit stitch therefore perfect to work on knitted fabric. It is mostly used to work single motifs or to cover small areas in contrast colour on knitted background. For that reason, it can also be included when working in Fair Isle or Intarsia techniques.

Can you Swiss darn over a hole?

The most common Swiss darn is executed on thinning fabric. This is relatively simple, as you can use the original stitches as a guideline. However, it is also possible to Swiss darn a hole. I also used this technique on my Knitting & Crochet Guild commission.

How do you end a Swiss darning?

Finish off the embroidery on the wrong side of the fabric, securing the end by oversewing the back of the Swiss darning. Cut the thread and then thread the needle with the tail ieft at the start. Then oversew this in the same way to avoid any damage to the knitted fabric.

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What is a duplicate stitch?

Duplicate stitch is a knitting technique that allows you to cover a stockinette stitch while making it look like the new stitches are part of the knitting. … In a way, this technique is similar to embroidering on knitting or cross-stitching on crochet.

How do you fix a big hole in a knitted sweater?

How to Fix a Knit Sweater Hole

  1. Step 1- Make a knot. Locate the area of the hole and put a sheet or cardboard of contrasting color to the sweater to allow you to see your work better. …
  2. Step 2- Frame Stitch. Stitch around the hole like the on the image below. …
  3. Step 3- Cross it. …
  4. Step 4- Net it.


How do you fix moth holes in knitting wool?

1) Put the piece of foam under the hole. Pull off a small piece of the wool roving and place it over the hole. 2) Stab the wool roving repeatedly with your felting needle. This will mesh the fibers of the wool roving with the fibres of your jumper.