How do you finish cross stitch edges?

How do you seal the edges of Aida cloth?

The quickest and easiest way to seal your fabric edges is with masking tape. Simply measure and cut a length of masking tape for each side, and fold it carefully over the edges of your fabric.

How do you keep Aida from fraying?

7 Ways To Stop Your Cross Stitch Fraying

  1. Blanket Stitching Aida to Stop Fraying (Source: wikihow)
  2. Sealing Evenweave Fabric Edges with Fray Check (Source:
  3. Masking Tape aida edges to stop fraying (Source: youtube)
  4. 14 Count Aida and 28 Count Evenweave (source:
  5. Fringed Edges of Evenweave Fabric (Source:


How do you finish edges of cross stitch bookmarks?


  1. Cut the Fabric. To determine the size you should cut your fabric, decide the width of your finished bookmark, and then cut the fabric twice that, plus 1/4 inch. …
  2. Stitch and Trim. …
  3. Fold and Press. …
  4. Fringe the Ends. …
  5. Glue the Bookmark. …
  6. Cover the Edge.


What is overcasting in cross stitch?

Overcast stitch, sometimes called whipstitch, is a hand sewing stitch that wraps the working thread around the edge of fabric or seams. … With each, the stitches effectively bind the fabric edge and prevent fraying. Like the machine version, you can also use this stitch for sewing a seam.

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What are the types of edge finishes?

There are several types of edge finishes you can use, among them: serged finishes, pinked seam finish, edge stitch, zigzag seam, hemmed fell seam finish, bound seam, overcast foot, double-stitched finish, fringed edge, piped edge, among others.

How do you keep fabric edges from fraying without sewing?

Using nail polish to contain fraying fabric edges is an easy, effective and quite inexpensive technique. It works best when used with thin, lightweight fabrics. As you’ll see below, a thin layer of nail polish is applied along the fabric’s cut edge.

How do you seal fabric edges?

Light the candle with a lighter. Hold the cut edge of the synthetic fabric taut between your fingers. Brush the edge of the fabric next to the candle flame, allowing the flame to lick at the edge of the fabric. The heat melts the plastic and seals the edge.

How do you finish the edges of Aida?

You can overcast the edges with a simple whip stitch, or fold over the edge into a hem and baste it. When hand stitching the edge, use regular sewing thread doubled up. Be sure to stitch into the fabric a bit so you don’t end up pulling up the edges – 1/4 to 1/2 inch should work.

Should you wash Aida cloth before cross stitching?

Stiff Aida

As tempting as it may be, I don’t usually recommend washing aida before stitching on it. … When you wash it, this stiffener will get washed away and the cloth will feel much softer, but the threads will spread out and your holes will be harder to find and stitch through.

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Does blanket stitch stop fraying?

The blanket stitch is most commonly used as a hemming stitch on the edge of blankets for finishing the raw edge of the fabric neatly and to prevent fraying. However it is also commonly used as a decorative finish, and we often use it on the edge of felt to secure layers of felt together in a decorative manner.

Can you laminate cross stitch?

The stitches get ‘squashed’ and malformed a bit. If you do decide to do it or do a ‘trial piece’, be careful if you’re doing heat lamination since the machines are often designed for paper only and while you can laminate other materials, cross-stitch may jam the machine if it’s too thick (more than 4-5mm, etc).