Can people knit without looking?

Remember: There are no rules for knitting without looking. … I’ll knit without looking for a few minutes, then I’ll watch my knitting. I switch back and forth, feeling the motion of the yarn and needles. If you’re feeling unsure of yourself, don’t be afraid to look down.

Can you knit without looking?

Knitting without looking means you can knit while having a cup of tea with your partner while making them feel like they are your one-and-only focus – this is a key knitter’s skill! You can knit while in the car without getting carsick and you can knit at the movies once the lights have gone down.

Can people crochet without looking?

You may be asking if it is possible to crochet without looking. Yes, it is totally possible. … Once you get the hang of moving your hook through your yarn, you will be surprised that you can already crochet without looking.

Can you knit and read at the same time?

Unfortunately, while there are plenty of knitters who love to read at the same time as they knit, the two don’t go hand in hand that well. As in the old saying about reading and eating, you will end up understanding nothing at all.

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Is it rude to knit in meetings?

If it’s a meeting that’s good for knitting, and you’ll be interacting with other people in the meeting, the other people should know that you aren’t being rude. When new people show up, I always say that I knit because it helps me listen better. … Knitting is a good hobby for other tedious activities, like flying.

Can you walk and crochet?

But in 2012 I realized that I could crochet while I walk. Providing that the project is small, it is actually much easier than reading while you walk, because your peripheral vision isn’t as limited as when you have a book right in front of your face. This was the first time I tried to crochet while I walk.

Can you crochet while watching TV?

Over the last few years, I’ve dabbled with a few simple crochet projects. I find that I love the repetitive hand motions when I’m watching tv or listening to an audiobook. … If you need something calming to do with your hands, I highly recommend giving crochet a go!

Can you crochet blinds?

You can feel your way through the work. In fact, many people who crochet are blind – either because they were born that way or because they experience macular degeneration over time. Many older people with limited eyesight can no longer drive or do other daily things but they can still crochet.

How do you read knitting?

Here are a few tips on how to make that a little easier.

  1. Pick the right knitting project. …
  2. Look for large books to read. …
  3. Use a weight if your book won’t stay open on your own. …
  4. Accept that you might do some damage to your book. …
  5. Read things digitally and don’t worry about the pages.
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Is it weird to knit in public?

Because there certainly is no rule that tells us if knitting in public is considered rude or perfectly reasonable. … Just because knitting is a solitary activity — some practitioners might even argue that it’s mindless — doesn’t mean that it’s free game.