Can you use cotton yarn for pom poms?

We’re using 100% wool aran weight yarn for this tutorial, but you can use any yarn material & weight you have at hand. However cotton yarn is not so suitable to make a fluffy pom pom. … If you can, use 100% wool yarn or wool/merino/alpaca blends for pompoms that feel great to touch, nice to look at and keep well.

What type of yarn is best for pom poms?

Acrylic yarn is the best type of yarn for pom poms. It’s cheap. Most craft stores carry acrylic yarn, and it is one of the most affordable types of yarn out there because it’s synthetic.

What material are pom poms?

Pom-poms may come in many colors, sizes, and varieties and are made from a wide array of materials, including wool, cotton, paper, plastic, thread, glitter and occasionally feathers.

How many yards of yarn do you need to make a pom pom?

For the pom:

  • At least 8 yards of wrappable material.
  • One 24-inch piece of tying material, folded in half.
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Can you wash craft pom poms?

You don’t wash it. Just wipe gently with a clean damp cloth and let air dry.

How do you make pom poms with toilet paper rolls?

First place two toilet roll tubes side by side. Start wrapping the wool around the middle, trapping the loose end inside. Continue wrapping many times, building up a good amount of wool. Next, take another length of wool and tie it around the bundle, in between the two toilet roll tubes.

How do you make cheerleading pom poms Fluffy?

How to Fluff Your Pom Poms

  1. Unpackage your new poms. …
  2. Shake them out. …
  3. Take a few strands in your hand and starting at the unattached end, scrunch them up. …
  4. Continue Step 3 until you’ve scrunched all the strands. …
  5. Repeat above on your second pom pom.
  6. Repeat the process anytime your pom poms start to look a little flat.


What are pom poms used for?

Cheerleaders use pom poms as a prop to improve showmanship. Pom poms tend to be shiny or glittery to get the attention of the crowd. They are used to emphasize movement and sometimes to spell out words or letters like “Colts” or “Go!”. In partnership with the spirited chants of a cheer team, pom poms can’t be ignored!

How much yarn do I need for 2 pom poms?

The Clover Pom Pom Maker separates the process into two halves; you’ll start the first half of the pom pom by cutting about 7 yards of yarn. A time saving trick is to double it up twice, so you are working with 4 strands at one time.

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How do you make yarn pom poms with your fingers?

DIY Pom Poms – Instructions

  1. Step 1 – Secure the End. Take the end of the yarn and tuck it between your two fingers to keep it from unraveling. …
  2. Step 2 – Start Wrapping. Then wrap the yarn around 3 or 4 fingers leaving the thumb free. …
  3. Step 3 – Remove the Yarn. …
  4. Step 4 – Tie the Center. …
  5. Step 5 – Shape and Cut.


How do you make pom poms out of yarn with a fork?

Thread a scrap yarn through the bottom of the fork and tie off the wrap with a knot. Pull the wrap off the fork and pull the knot tighter. Tie anther knot to secure. Trim off the little loops around the pom to create a neat pom.

How do you make pom poms out of yarn?


  1. Make Cardboard Pom-Pom Templates. …
  2. Cut Out the Circles. …
  3. Start Wrapping Yarn Around the Template. …
  4. Wrap the Yarn Until the Ring Is Full. …
  5. Cut Around the Edge of the Ring. …
  6. Tie the Cut Yarn Pieces Together. …
  7. Shape the Pom-Pom. …
  8. Fluff the Pom-Pom and Finish Trimming.