Frequent question: What is k1 TBL in knitting?

What does k1tbl mean in knitting?

Using straight or circular needles (or DPN) learn how to Knit 1 Through Back Loop (k1tbl or k1 tb needles). This will make a “y” looking stitch instead of a flatter “v”. The knitting is twisted and stretchier; it is also called the Twisted knit Stitch, also a stockinette stitch that will roll naturally.

What does KTB mean in knitting?

Stitch Description

The Knit Through the Back Loop stitch is a variation of the knit stitch. It creates a twisted stitch by turning the stitch while you are working. It is abbreviated as K tbl.

What does it mean to knit one through the back loop?

When knitting through the back of the loop, you’re changing the direction from which the needle enters the stitch. By knitting through the back of the loop (abbreviated ktbl), you deliberately twist the stitch and create a different effect. … You can purl into the front and back of a stitch as well.

What does K2Tog TBL mean in knitting?

Knit Two Together Through the Back Loop (K2Tog TBL)

What is PFB in knitting?

Much like knitting in the front and back (KFB) of a stitch, purling in the front and back (PFB) is a way to easily increase stitches. … It is most often used on the wrong (or purl) side of one-sided patterns like stockinette but can be utilized as a decorative element on the right (or knit) side as well.

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What does TBL mean?


Acronym Definition
TBL The Bottom Line
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TBL The Biggest Loser (TV show)
TBL Tablespoon (cooking)